Sunday, March 20, 2011

Winter Project and helping in Las Vegas

If you really need to caulk
And don't want a talk
Who you gona call
Dangerous caulk gun Dave

If you really need to saw
And don't want to jaw
Who ya gona call
Lightning skill saw Steve

Now ya all know
Who ya gona call
And ya really should know
That I ain't a poet.

There's a moral to the story
And it ain't about glory.
It's more about helpin'
And less about gettin'

One of the things we (sister's brother-in-law and brother-in-law's son and me) did while visiting family in Las Vegas was prep my sister's house to be painted. The metal screw heads on her house siding needed to be covered with oil based primer to keep them from rusting. Although we didn't get to the actual priming because of the complete bathroom remodel, it is ready for her to recruit folks to help her paint. We had to scrub a chalky white substance off the siding to enable the paint to stick to it. We used a sponge mop and a 1 to 4 vinegar water mix to wash the siding panels clean.

Back at home Grandpa is showing Bradley just how to staple up the insulation. It was just a simulation and not the real thing. Had it been the real thing Bradley would have had eye protection, head protection, and gloves. I believe in protecting all parts of the body as much as possible when doing construction.

The insulating goes up with little issues. The ceiling was the hardest as there were heating pipes, airconditioning lines, phone lines, and TV cables to insulate around. This area will not be taped and finished off in case it needs to be opened up to work on the utilities that run through the ceiling. The traditional way of drywall on the ceiling first will be changed and go up last to allow easy removal should that need to happen. A couple framing modifications have to be made before the final drywall goes onto the wall.

Yes that is a home made bottle of wine sitting on the foreground shelf. It's from my wine making days of middle 70s. That would make it about 37 years old. Perhaps I'll pop the lid when I'm finished with the food storage area. What do you think?

Have a safe remodel construction day. Leae a comment about what's been happening in your life. See ya next time.


  1. Blech-prepping for painting is the worst! I think I know who to call now!

  2. Boy you have been busy! I wish that we had a helper like you at the plots these past couple of days.

    I think that you should open that bottle of wine. You can always use it for cooking if it's not good for drinking!

    Happy Spring