Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Yesterday was a glorious day. The birds were tweeting, the air was warm and moist, and just to be outside working in the yard was a joy. I know that soon enough the warm and moist air will become hot and humid so I definitely enjoyed it as much as I could. The afternoon clouded up and a few sprinkles came down but the thunder didn't produce any worth while rain. It was just all wind and no rain. I raking all the debris off the front yard from winter. I had 6 big wheel barrow loads to go into the compost and garden beds.

As you can see the tulips and daffodils are well on their way to blooming. They started coming up in the middle of February which I thought was a little early but they seem to have weathered the freezing night time temperatures just fine. They are close to the house in a protected area so maybe that has something to do with it. I will be glad to see their bright colorful blooms again this year. They bloomed so well last year. I hope they can do it again this year.

I was concerned about the Crocus planted out by the curb. They were planted in the grass and did quite well last year but I didn't see any action this year until yesterday. Now I see many are coming up and a few are blooming. I like Crocus because they are the first to bloom in the spring and mark the true beginning of spring. Spring flowers just have a way of lifting my spirit.

This is just one fourth of the yard cleanup that I raked off the yard. The yard just looked like it really was grateful to have been cleaned for the start of the year. I liken it to getting a good scrubbing in the shower. I'm going to experiment on my front yard this year. There's a writer/gardener named Jerry Baker that has written a book on having a lawn that will be the envy of the neighborhood. He uses very unorthodox methods with common household products and a hose end sprayer. I will be testing his methods to see if they really work or it's just a bunch of words to promote a book. I'll be writing about the whole experience so you can follow along and see how it all turns out. Today I will hunt down the 20 gallon hose end sprayer that he talks about in his book and spray the yard with wake up tonic. It should be a good summer adventure.

All that good yard waste doesn't go to waste. It gets put on the garden beds and in the compost pile. During the summer I usually don't keep the green grass clippings. I let them go to the city yard waste pickup so it can be composted and I can buy it back. Fresh green grass just seems to turn into slime in my compost pile. I just don't have enough other stuff to mix with it so I let the city do it for me. In the spring and fall my yard has a good mix of dried out grass and leaf mixture which works in my compost pile. You can see the automatic gravity feed watering system barrels are somewhat in place. Now that I've expanded my garden I'll have to expand the watering system as well.
And so the spring/summer adventure begins.


  1. Well, it looks like spring has arrived for you! It was here...but left us last night :( I have to ask, what in the world is that in the right bed in the picture??

    Happy Spring to YOU!!

  2. I can't look!!! We got a foot of snow last night and into today. I have had it with winter.
    You're so fortunate to be able to get out into the yard. The flowers will add a nice bright note to it all once they bloom. Happy Spring to you!

  3. I got a lot done that warm, windy day, too. I am so ready for next weekend, when we are supposed to see 70s again!

    I'm glad I found you here. I have done a search for Nebraska garden blogs, but I've noticed I don't always find what I am looking for when I do a search.

    Have fun with your experiments!

  4. The last few weeks produced marvelous weather, but alas, since the weekend we have had very cold temps again. :-( I know it's only temporary, the warmth will return by this weekend. Yay! I'll be curious to see how your front yard turns out with your experiments - it's always fun to try someone else's methods. And I totally agree with you re: spring flowering bulbs - they are the bomb, aren't they? Such cheerful lil harbingers of spring!

  5. Love to see that you are composting your garden with the leaves. We don't have trees on our new property so we aren't as lucky.

  6. I'm looking forward to your post about your use of the "wake up tonic" for your lawn! I don't have mature trees in my yard so composting is not viable.

    My tulips,creeping phlox and redbud tree are blooming