Friday, March 4, 2011

Some Assembly Required

This post will stray a little bit away from the garden oriented theme. With the ground still frozen and patches of snow still hiding in the shadows, gardening will have to remain just a yearning for now. My seed starting station will not be up and working until next spring. The food storage area has been put on hold this week due to being nurse for a six year old with the flu. For running an unmedicated temperature of 101 he sure doesn't act like he is sick. So much energy in such a little package. Anyway let's get started with what's been happening around the urban ranch.

Do you remember the late night days of yester year when some assembly was required on Christmas Eve? I have been a fan of some assembly required all through the years. Even now it still haunts me through my daughter and grandson. This time it raised it's head in the form of a twin captain's bed. These three flat boxes contain the parts for the bed, trundle bed, and drawers. Upon opening the boxes and finding the directions, I find that there are only five steps of assembly. Is this a bad joke or what? Two of the steps are nothing more than pictures. Oh, well, it's a good thing I've had much experience with flat box furniture.

Two days later the bed assembly has been completed with only one trip the hardware store for longer bolts to hold on the drawer pulls, two more longer screws for the final assembly of the bottom drawer assembly. The two short screws left over go where? The two final dowels for the drawer assembly are two long but a little grinding get them down to size. Just things a person needs to know how to do with some assembly required. It's a great bed and should last the energetic super hero warrior that sleeps there with his transformer friends many years. After a final glance I have to wonder just how and if this warrior's bed will ever fit through the bedroom door when it comes time to trade up for an older warrior's bed. Oh, well, I guess I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

Next up was a little appliance repair. Well, it started as repair. The tray inside the microwave stopped turning and I thought that the motor used to turn the tray was most likely the problem but it turned out the plastic sleeve that slips down over the motor shaft has crystallized and broken. How to fix? I'm still thinking about that one as the part is surrounded by spot welded metal and probably not meant to be replaced. The microwave is 16 years old and should be replaced but that's just not in the budget right now. In the mean time a manual spin of the tray every 30 seconds of use will suffice. Other than the tray turning the microwave works just fine.

While sitting out on the front yard patio enjoying one of the February 50 degree days I noticed my tulips were pushing through the dirt. Should this really be happening as the last frost day here is May the 15th. I asked them if they really knew how long it was before the last day of frost and if they really should be waking up now but they just gave me the silent treatment. Maybe they know something that I don't about the coming weather. I certainly hope so. Even though last winter was far worse than this winter I am still much more anxious to get out and start digging in the dirt. Maybe it's because I have more summer projects than last year.

While cleaning out the food storage area I ran across these scrap books my mother had put together during my high school days. I was a mediocre athlete in high school but was good enough to go with the traveling team in football and track. My mother cut out and put in the scrapbook every single newspaper article that pertained to the teams during those years. It was like going down memory lane for high school. I didn't even remember that I had put those down there 20 some years ago. I had to stop and wonder about what ever happened to those ambitious bound for college with a life time ahead of them guys and gals. I have not been to a class reunion since I left town to find my fame and fortune in life over 45 years ago.

Here's another treasure found in the basement storage area. It's the original Silivertone guitar that my parents gave to me as a Christmas present back when I was about 12 years old. It started my trek through the Rock 'N Roll years. I progressed through several electric guitars and spent many garage practice hours with my buddies and even had a band together for a short time. Mostly I played just for fun. I would really like to get back to that guitar picking fun stage again however instead of Rock 'N Roll I would now play Bluegrass flat pickin'. I would have liked to have gotten back to practice this last winter but six year olds take up more time than I thought, and well there are the winter projects.

That's all for now but I'm sure there will be more before too long.

Be sure to leave me a comment and let me know what's been going on in your neck of the woods.


  1. That's a fine bed that you built for your little guy! It looks like it should be big enough for him until he gets married :)

    I think that your tulips are trying to tell you that spring is on it's way!!! It will be planting time before you know it!

    I think that you should start playing the guitar again. I bet your grandson would really enjoy it!

  2. Looks like you've been keeping busy. Six year olds can be handy for that! And I understand they can use a hoe and shovel, too!