Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Beginning Winter Projects

When my wife Dottie died over nine years ago, entire rooms of the house were chock full of good stuff. You know the stuff that's just too good to throw away but you don't quite know when if ever you will use it but just know that if you throw it away that the very next week you will want to use it kind of stuff. Yeah, well as I plowed through the house room by room sorting through what to keep, what to throw and don't know piles, the don't know pile got scuttled away into the basement area. That area became the storage pit from hell. In fact my daughter Lydia will not go down there because in her words "It's just too scary." (Big Sigh) I suppose it's time to begin reclaiming the basement. I know it will be a multi year project but will be definitely worth the effort. Anyway the above picture is the area where I want to put my storage area. It will be a challange just to clean out the area. All the shelves need to come out.

Hopefully by spring this area will look quite different. The only light in this area is a ceiling light with a pull string to turn it on and off. My plan is to wire in another light in the storage area with a light switch that controls both the furnace room light and the storage room light. A wall will be built across the front of this open area with a doorway into the storage area. The two inside walls and the ceiling will be heavily insulated to keep the basement heat from entering into the storage area. drywall will cover up the walls and keep the insulation in place. It's a big project but what is there to do when the weather outside is frightful. Hopefully closing this area off and having two outside block walls will keep the area at a cool 45 to 50 degree temperature. Well, that's the plan anyway.

So stay tuned and see mishap adventures of Old Nebraska Dave as he attempts of build a basement storage area.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Cleaning up the garden

Has it really been that long since I've made a blog entry. The month of October was a busy month. November has started out the same way. This post will be about the cleaning up of the wonderful garden that grew this year. Due to a couple of killing frosts the garden is definitely done for this year.

As you can see the garden is quite dead. I'm trying to hack down the tomatoes that produced abundently this year. I planted just plain old Rutgers. They performed wonderful well. I have no idea how many pounds of tomatoes I harvested but it kept neighbors, relatives, and friends supplied all summer with some left for me. It was quite a marvel to watch the harvest just keep on coming long after others had given up.

This last harvest of ripe tomatoes was on November 8th. This was a full two weeks after what should have been the first frost date. The first frost didn't come until November 10th this year. Even though the vines were shriveled and dried out ripe tomatoes hung on them. The vines were still loaded with green tomatoes.

The last of the harvest of green tomatoes, potatoes, and green peppers. There was a harvest of onions later as well. Over all this year was pest free, disease free, and varmint free. While others were plaqued with bugs, disease, and critters, my plants weren't bothered by any of these things.

You can see the load of green tomatoes still on the vines. I didn't really have time to do anything with them this year, but next year I will be prepared to use up the green harvest as well as the last of the ripe harvest. This day of putting the garden to bed was a perfect day with sunshine and warm weather.

There's nothing like a good cup of coffee after a day of garden cleanup. It just soothes the soul to sit and enjoy the sounds, smells, and wild life activity.

Have a great day