Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here's the final patch
Here's the final patch for the outside of the tank. It's been sealed around the seams with solder and with silicone adhesive sealant. It looks to be a sound patch after left to cure for two days.

Here's a look at the inside patch. I wandered around the Lowe's store looking for a rubber material to use for an inside patch. I finally came across a two inch rubber discharge hose for some use in plumbing. I used three pieces split length wise and glued flat on the inside of the tank with the silicone adhesive sealant. The pop rivets that stuck out through the rubber were covered in silicone as well to keep the seal. I have to build a stand pipe to keep the bottom sediment from getting sucked into the rest of the system. Then I'll fill the tank and get the whole system up and working. That's the plan anyway.

It's been a long process and I'm getting excited to actually see some of the system working and being so close to have the entire system functional. It's a long way from May when I started working on the whole thing. Many changes and many improvements along the way has made this a interesting and challanging project for sure.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Patching the Main Supply Tank

Here I am making a patch out of a trash can lid. I don't know where the can went. The last storm during the 70 MPH wind it left the property never to be seen again. So if you happen to see a metal trash can without a lid whiz past you it came for Old Dave's place and you can just keep it if you want.

Yep, there's the hole in all it's glory. You can see where old Sparky my welder was just too powerful and blew the hole bigger instead of fixing it. Who knew that the metal in a horse tank was so thin. I thought it would be thicker but not so.

First holes have to be drilled to the size of the pop rivets used to attach the metal patch to the tank.

Pop rivets are the best for patching stuff. Nice and snug will definitely do the trick for patching this leak. On the inside of the tank a pool liner covered with silicone adhesive will cover the same area. With the weight of the water pushing against the patch I expect it will seal up the seam quite nicely.

Now with the plumber's torch and a little solder to seal up the seams the patch will be almost complete. When the second patch has been attached in the same manner the soldered seams will be covered with silicone adhesive and the outside patch will be completed.

Well, there it is. One patch completed. She's not too pretty but I betcha it won't leak. It will eventually be covered up by nice retaining wall blocks anyway. All I care about is stopping the leak. Now just one more patch a little silicone adhesive some pool liner and this tub will be ready to hold water. The final element in the water system is nearing completion.

Well that's it for this time. Hope to see you back soon. Leave me a comment and let know what you think of the wild and crazy project of Old Nebraska Dave and his unique gardening techniques.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Fallen Branches Oh My

A little storm blew through a couple days ago and left a little deposit on my driveway. This branch came from Old Sic the Sycamore tree. It was hanging out over my bedroom roof when it broke off. Some how it made it way down from it's high above loft to my driveway without touching the house, trellis, or any of the plants on the patio. That's a real miracle.

The garden is growing by leaps and bounds this year. I have potatoes on the right, cucumbers and tomatoes in the middle, and onions and bell peppers on the left. The cucumbers are beginning to produce and I expect an abundance of produce real soon. The bell peppers are growing in size and will soon be harvested.

As I said the cukes are coming in. This is the first of the harvest. I have harvested a total of 10 so far with much more on the way. When the neighbors get sick of cucumbers maybe I'll try my hand at making pickles. I bought a bag of pickling spice at Walmart but good Lord 7 cups of sugar seems like a lot to me. I think I might get a different recipe.

The tomatoes are just not turning yet. I have a great flurry of blooms and a few green tomatoes but haven't harvested any red tomatoes yet. I am waiting for that first bite into the red juicy globes. The summer heat won't seem so bad if I can have a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich or two .... or three.

Leave me a comment about how your garden grows. I am thrilled to hear about all gardening successes.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Gravity Feed Watering System Distribution Tank

I'm back working on the distribution tank again. The input and vent tube are glued and ready to be used. Today I'm drilling the actual holes for the final delivery tubes. These are nothing more than 1/4 inch drip connectors which will have 1/4 inch drip hoses connected to them. In the working state these hoses will just be an open hose placed at the roots of the plant to be watered.

Here I'm testing the distribution tank. I filled up the tank with water and all four of the newly inserted connectors dribbled water for about 5 minutes. I will have to test the flow rate before actually putting the system in service to see how long I need to set the timer to get the right amount of water to the roots of each plant. Some things can be trial and error and others will be caculations of volume and flow rate. I knew that High School Algebra would come in handy some day. Right I didn't remember it either. The internet is a wonderful thing. Ask for a conversion and up it pops with the formula. why didn't I have that when I was in High School.

If you look real hard you can see the water running out of the final tube connections. In the final state there will be tubes connected to these connectors to direct the water where it needs to go. So far everything seems to be coming together. Let hope that continues.

Here's a better shot of the little drip connector inserted into the drilled hole. The tube fits over the end of the connector.

That's it for now. More about the whole system later.

Another Week on the Uban Ranch

Hey it's me again,
I've been blessed far beyond what I deserve this week. My grandson, Bradley, and I went to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theatre on Monday. It was the usual weave of child entertainment and boomer generation humor. I am fascinated by how these children's movies can entertain both the kids and the adults. This third Toy Story Movie has the theme of moving on in life and how changes can be difficult but an OK thing. It's another great movie.

I attended a retired co worker's funeral this week which was a sad note. He was only 66. He was an active participant in golf, bicycling, softball, hunting, and many other physical activities. They suspect he died of heart attack on one of his bicycle rides. We are so blessed for every day of life that God gives to us. It's a sad thing that we need an event like this to realize that each day has meaning and can be joyous if we let it.

My back yard over the last couple weeks become totally hostile and out of control. Grass and weeds did abound profusely.

In one area of the back yard the weeds were so out of control I had to break out the hedge trimmer to cut them down. You can be assured that I tamed the wildlife habitat and one again the back yard looks like a well manicured urban yard. Hopefully the shorter grass and the absence of weeds with cut down on the bug population. The bugs seem to be thriving on the wet weather.

Next week I will have the privilege of cutting up a cottonwood tree for my friends in Elkhorn.

It fell during the high water of the river that flows behind their house. The soil is sandy and with the high water the tree just kind of slowly tipped over. I'm heading out to have a look at the tree on Sunday evening. That should be a good work out for "Big Bertha" my Stihl chainsaw. She's a 460 Magnum saw that I bought last year just for such occasions.

I hope that your week had as many blessings as mine did.