Monday, December 27, 2010

Cleaning out the Storage area

Two loads to the dump and a pile of rubble in the basement corner later, phase one, the cleaning of the storage area has been completed. Bradley, my six year old grandson, helped with the cleaning. Of course there were treasures galore to be found in the deep dark confines of grandpa's basement shelves. It's the first time he was allowed in the basement and he was like a kid on steroids. Everything was a facination. He finally went into overload and had to go back upstairs for a time to recover. If it was up to him everything in the basement would be in the living room.
One of the treasures on the shelves was my original BB gun. I saved up $15.00 for this weapon with my $.35 a week allowance for chores around the house. I only shot squirrels and birds. However it didn't have enough power to hurt anything and had such a slow velocity that the BB could be followed through the air as it flew to the target. If I should hit a squirrel or bird, they would shake their body or fluff their feathers and scamper or fly away. It was the most marvelous thing I owned at the time which was at the age of nine years old. Ah, yeah, sorry about the rubble in the background but it will be leaving the premises soon.
Here's my meager stash for this year. Not much to brag about but it is a start. One step toward a food storage area filled with harvest or locally grown food. You can even see a bottle of home made wine from 35 years ago way back in the corner. I'm afraid to open the bottle for fear of what exactly I will find. It's the last of many bottles brewed way back in the early 1970s.

I will be putting the new wall on the left side of the steel beam. Anyone see an issue with that? Yup, that's right the shelf structure is a bit too long. One of my many changes will be the shortening of the shelf structure. The old Black and Decker saw will have to rip off a end section but first I'm thinking that I really need to install a ceiling light with a switch first. Insulation and drywall on the ceiling will come next. My plan is to start at the top and work my way down to the floor.

And so the project begins, where it will end no one knows but it will be an interesting journey. Tag along and see what happens in the dark depths of the Urban Ranch basement.


  1. Wow, you certainly have made some progress cleaning out your basement! I can just imagine how excited your grandson was to find all of those treasures! It makes me remember my grandparents attic and how I felt about it when I was young.

    Keep up the good work!!

  2. Wow, what a difference! It's so hard to sort through all the treasures one has saved over the years. My 7yo son is pestering me to teach him how to shoot. I'm thinking bbgun. We don't hunt because we raise all our meat on the homestead, but we do need to run off coyotes and such and protect ourselves out in the woods...

  3. You have a great storage area!!! I need to get some shelves in mine, right now everything is just laying on the floor in a mess.