Thursday, September 30, 2010

Time for new Garden Beds

It's time to expand the garden by three beds. A quick, well not so quick, trip to Lowe's to get timbers for the beds. The timber pile was pretty well picked over for the entire summer. It took about an hour to come up with 27 useable timbers. The first thing is to mow down the grass. I'm not one to scrape the grass off the beds but instead I just cover them up with yard waste and compost in the spring.

It always seems that things pop up unexpectedly. Hauling patio blocks from the side yard to the backyard to build the path between the beds, one of those unexpected things happened. After piling the wheel barrow full of patio blocks I discovered that the tire was low. It was so low I feared the tire would lose all the air.

Well, I turned to the old school air compressor. Yeah, I know I'm a pretty old guy. It still works. I pumped up the tire in good shape and continued on my way to the back yard with the load.

Finally the path is laid block by block. Not too challenging yet. Still just putting the blocks on top of the grass. Does the grass grow up through the cracks? Of course it does, but a quick buzz with the weed wacker when mowing the grass takes care of the grass issue. It's really not that much of a problem.

First path done and now on with the building of the actual beds. There will be three more all together. You can see that the onion patch has turned to weeds while I was gone on the last trip.

Twenty seven timbers from the truck to the back yard was a task for sure. Fourteen trips later the task was done and it was time for a break. Twenty seven cuts later all the timbers are cut and ready for building the beds.

Ah, yes coffee is always a refreshing drink for breaks. As you can see the grass has grown as well during my absence. I really want to finish up the garden beds to be able to put the grass-fallen leaf mixture into the beds as a first layer of fall compost. By next spring this mixture will be reduced to a layer of half composted material.
That's it for day one of building the expanded garden beds. Tomorrow is another day. With all the timbers cut the building actually begins.


  1. Wow, Dave! You're really expanding for next year! Glad to see it! What do you plan on planting in the new beds?

  2. More garden is always so much more fun-oh but more work too! We expanded last year -oh the potatoes we harvested for just a little more garden.

  3. What an awesome expansion... love the idea of just setting the bricks on top of the grass. Duh, I guess we could just mow/whack the grass that grows in between. :-) We're hoping to expand too... need to do that in the next few weeks. I want to get the areas tilled over, esp for the strawberry beds, so we can eliminate any grubs in their area before next spring. I also want to give the cukes their own space next year so they won't invade anyone else, lol. BTW -- re: your onions sprouting again, they really do prefer cooler weather, so that's probably why! If you cover them with some frost protection you might get another good crop!

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    God Bless You