Monday, July 26, 2010

Patching the Main Supply Tank

Here I am making a patch out of a trash can lid. I don't know where the can went. The last storm during the 70 MPH wind it left the property never to be seen again. So if you happen to see a metal trash can without a lid whiz past you it came for Old Dave's place and you can just keep it if you want.

Yep, there's the hole in all it's glory. You can see where old Sparky my welder was just too powerful and blew the hole bigger instead of fixing it. Who knew that the metal in a horse tank was so thin. I thought it would be thicker but not so.

First holes have to be drilled to the size of the pop rivets used to attach the metal patch to the tank.

Pop rivets are the best for patching stuff. Nice and snug will definitely do the trick for patching this leak. On the inside of the tank a pool liner covered with silicone adhesive will cover the same area. With the weight of the water pushing against the patch I expect it will seal up the seam quite nicely.

Now with the plumber's torch and a little solder to seal up the seams the patch will be almost complete. When the second patch has been attached in the same manner the soldered seams will be covered with silicone adhesive and the outside patch will be completed.

Well, there it is. One patch completed. She's not too pretty but I betcha it won't leak. It will eventually be covered up by nice retaining wall blocks anyway. All I care about is stopping the leak. Now just one more patch a little silicone adhesive some pool liner and this tub will be ready to hold water. The final element in the water system is nearing completion.

Well that's it for this time. Hope to see you back soon. Leave me a comment and let know what you think of the wild and crazy project of Old Nebraska Dave and his unique gardening techniques.

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