Thursday, July 29, 2010

Here's the final patch
Here's the final patch for the outside of the tank. It's been sealed around the seams with solder and with silicone adhesive sealant. It looks to be a sound patch after left to cure for two days.

Here's a look at the inside patch. I wandered around the Lowe's store looking for a rubber material to use for an inside patch. I finally came across a two inch rubber discharge hose for some use in plumbing. I used three pieces split length wise and glued flat on the inside of the tank with the silicone adhesive sealant. The pop rivets that stuck out through the rubber were covered in silicone as well to keep the seal. I have to build a stand pipe to keep the bottom sediment from getting sucked into the rest of the system. Then I'll fill the tank and get the whole system up and working. That's the plan anyway.

It's been a long process and I'm getting excited to actually see some of the system working and being so close to have the entire system functional. It's a long way from May when I started working on the whole thing. Many changes and many improvements along the way has made this a interesting and challanging project for sure.


  1. We are real familiar with patches around here!

    I always like the feeling of accomplishment when those long projects are finished.

    Your watering system is going to be awesome!

    Have a great day.

  2. I agree with Pam, I think your watering system is going to be wayyyy cool when you start using it! And the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful when you finally complete a long project. :)

  3. Love the patch! I had to patch a hole in one of my stock tanks and used a similar "fancy" method - I found a piece of cork to fit the hole, then siliconed it in. It held for 2 years, and I just redid the silicone about a month ago. Good for another couple years;)