Friday, July 9, 2010

Gravity Feed Watering System Distribution Tank

I'm back working on the distribution tank again. The input and vent tube are glued and ready to be used. Today I'm drilling the actual holes for the final delivery tubes. These are nothing more than 1/4 inch drip connectors which will have 1/4 inch drip hoses connected to them. In the working state these hoses will just be an open hose placed at the roots of the plant to be watered.

Here I'm testing the distribution tank. I filled up the tank with water and all four of the newly inserted connectors dribbled water for about 5 minutes. I will have to test the flow rate before actually putting the system in service to see how long I need to set the timer to get the right amount of water to the roots of each plant. Some things can be trial and error and others will be caculations of volume and flow rate. I knew that High School Algebra would come in handy some day. Right I didn't remember it either. The internet is a wonderful thing. Ask for a conversion and up it pops with the formula. why didn't I have that when I was in High School.

If you look real hard you can see the water running out of the final tube connections. In the final state there will be tubes connected to these connectors to direct the water where it needs to go. So far everything seems to be coming together. Let hope that continues.

Here's a better shot of the little drip connector inserted into the drilled hole. The tube fits over the end of the connector.

That's it for now. More about the whole system later.

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