Friday, July 9, 2010

Another Week on the Uban Ranch

Hey it's me again,
I've been blessed far beyond what I deserve this week. My grandson, Bradley, and I went to see Toy Story 3 at the movie theatre on Monday. It was the usual weave of child entertainment and boomer generation humor. I am fascinated by how these children's movies can entertain both the kids and the adults. This third Toy Story Movie has the theme of moving on in life and how changes can be difficult but an OK thing. It's another great movie.

I attended a retired co worker's funeral this week which was a sad note. He was only 66. He was an active participant in golf, bicycling, softball, hunting, and many other physical activities. They suspect he died of heart attack on one of his bicycle rides. We are so blessed for every day of life that God gives to us. It's a sad thing that we need an event like this to realize that each day has meaning and can be joyous if we let it.

My back yard over the last couple weeks become totally hostile and out of control. Grass and weeds did abound profusely.

In one area of the back yard the weeds were so out of control I had to break out the hedge trimmer to cut them down. You can be assured that I tamed the wildlife habitat and one again the back yard looks like a well manicured urban yard. Hopefully the shorter grass and the absence of weeds with cut down on the bug population. The bugs seem to be thriving on the wet weather.

Next week I will have the privilege of cutting up a cottonwood tree for my friends in Elkhorn.

It fell during the high water of the river that flows behind their house. The soil is sandy and with the high water the tree just kind of slowly tipped over. I'm heading out to have a look at the tree on Sunday evening. That should be a good work out for "Big Bertha" my Stihl chainsaw. She's a 460 Magnum saw that I bought last year just for such occasions.

I hope that your week had as many blessings as mine did.

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