Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gravity Feed automatic watering system Part 1

For some time now .... years .... I've been wanting to use the derelict horse tank left over from Lydia's, my daughter, backyard swimming days to make a gravity feed automatic watering system. This is the year that I got inspired to try to accomplish the project.

The first task is to dig the trench for the foundation layer of concrete blocks. Digging in an urban backyard can be quite interesting. One never knows what treasures will be uncovered in the digging process. It could be a large chuck of concrete, or a golf ball about 1 1/2 feet down, or pieces of toys buried long ago from kids that probably have kids of there own.

The first step is what I call getting the anchor block set. It has to be perfectly level length wise and crosswise. The whole project will be built off of this one block. The trench is dug and packed with a hand packer to get a solid base under the block.

There are easier ways to do this, but this is the least expensive which I'm all about. It's an eight inch square tamper that weighs about 10 pounds. A couple good whacks and the dirt is compacted and ready to see if the block is level.

Oh, yeah, this works for me. It's good both ways and if it wasn't then the task becomes sprinkle and pack dirt on the low end or side of the block. Some blocks seem to fall right in place and others will just be stubborn and won't want to set right.

This is not bad for the first day's work. So far things are coming together just like I planned in my mind. Sometimes that doesn't always happen. What I see in my mind and what the project looks like when completed are not exactly the same.

I think I'm going to sit a spell, gulp down a couple asprin, hit the shower and grab some grub. I just don't think I'm as young as I once was but the good news is that I'm not as old as I will be. See you in the next segment of the project.

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