Monday, January 18, 2010

Winter Time Inspiration

Some gardeners dread the Winter months. Before Christmas is past Spring seed catalogs begin to appear in the mailbox. Planning and dreaming begins with the arrival of the first catalog. Flipping through the colorful pages over and over eases the passing hours and the thoughts of frigid temperatures outside slowly fade away. The lingering thoughts of tasty tomatoes from last season dance through my head and hopes of early warm weather could bring that taste back again by July 4th which is the goal of every gardener in this area.

The garden beds are under a blanket of snow until the melting March rains begin the process of warming the soil and bringing everything back to life once again. Nature’s cycle of life is steady, reliable, and never fails. All could take some lessons from Nature by living the slow steady simple lifestyle. Starting life for me was a wonderful carefree country life that every child should be able to experience. Distractions in life caused a journey away from those roots and 40 years later the trail has led back to the wonderful, slower, some what carefree, much simpler, life that was so cherished those many years ago. Although home now resides in the city, small time gardening, flower beds, composting, caring for the yard and house fill the days and give many joyful hours of pleasure. It can be a wonderful life if the perspective is right.

Many gardening projects are filling thoughts these days. Waiting patiently for the ground to soften will give way to digging, planting, and building. A fire pit, water feature, and patio are all on the drawing board for completion this next year. Big muscle and lots of energy will be required to make those dreams a reality. Perhaps not all will be completed this year, but time will tell just how many big ideas will be enjoyed by the years end. There’s always a time of rest, regrouping, and dreaming of more projects before next year arrives.

Sixty one days remain until the Spring equinox arrives which will begin the official time of Spring. Until then walking through the big box stores and reading the seed catalogs will have to suffice.

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