Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Preserving the harvest

I tried my best to give away all the produce that I could but still I had much left to preserve. I had doubts about whether I could remember how to use the canning equipment and if the proceedures had changed any since I last canned 20 some years ago. I aquired all the stuff to can and set out to try something not so hard which was just tomatoes for winter soups. This progressed into full soup production as you see in the above picture. When meat is involved in soup, pressure canning must be the only canning proceedure allowed.
Here we are locked and loaded and ready to apply heat which will begin the process of pressure canning. After about 90 minutes at 10 pounds of pressure the soups ready to be removed from the canner. This year I have preserved many quarts of vegetable beef soup and straight up tomatoes. Next year I might get into pickles and jellies. It's hard to say what will come out of Old Dave's garden. For this year the garden is pretty much done and the planning of next year's garden begins.

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