Monday, October 5, 2009

More materials

Well as you can see there's more materials for the support structure and more timbers for the beds, but not much more work completed. Today was a dreary day with a threat of rain. The choice was mow the grass which was much needed or work on the garden beds. Since the grass was about two weeks over due and soon to become a back yard wild life habitat, mowing the grass was the choice made. After the lawn was mowed I decided to make a run to my second favorite store, Lowe's, and pick up the rest of the materials to build the three garden beds. Of course a stop at Border's book store for a cup of coffee and a leisurely hour spent reading magazines I'm too cheap to buy was in order on the way home.

Here you can see my composting bins. As you can see the lawn debris fell into two catagories. On the left was the green back yard clippings without much leaf mulch. On the right was the front yard almost completely leaf mulch. Some review is needed before mixing the two together. I seem to remember there is a ratio of green to brown in a compost pile. I'll mix the two and pile it upon the garden beds for the winter. By Spring the mix should be quite composted and ready for growing veggies.
By the end of the week the beds should be made and the support structures built. Ok, well, let's wait and see what happens.

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