Tuesday, October 13, 2009

It sure feels a lot like Winter!!

With the wonderful snow we had here it knocked down all the leaves from my front yard tree. Of course the Sickamore tree will dribble all Winter and half the Spring just because it can. So I don't worry about the leaves on that tree. They fall when they fall. I had a nice tidy yard last Friday but things happened over the weekend. Old Chomper my lawn mower didn't want to come out of the shed and start. He kept saying that it wasn't his job to deal with cold and snow. He told me to go wake up Stormie, my snow blower, cause that's what she likes. However with a little coaxing he decided to come to life and help with the munching of the leaves for the compost pile.
A total yard rake down was necessary to get all the leaves, sticks, bottle caps, and other assorted things left from a summer frolicking through the yard. It went faster than I anticipated and in just a little over a couple hours the deed was completed.

I'm still piling the yard waste stuff on the garden beds with a hopeful idea the it will be composted enough over the Winter to turn under and make wonderful growing medium for the vegetables. I'm in the stages of considering just what kind of plants to grow next year. I've been taking a poll of the neighbors around me and so far tomatoes and cucumbers are ahead by a long way. I am considering cucumbers and possibly some pickle making next year. A friend says it's easy because Walmart sells pickles in a package. All one has to do is mix up the package in some vinegar, slice up the cukes, and pack them in the jars. You really don't even have to can them if you don't want too. She just let them marinate the designated time and ate them right away. She gave me a jar and they are delicious. It can't get any easier than that.

Well, cleaned up for now. There's still a bunch of leaves on the trees around the neighborhood so I expect in another week or so I'll be dragging old Chomper back out of the shed kicking and being his grumpy self. But for now I can kick back brew up a cup of coffee and sit out on the Poor Man's patio and enjoy the nice fall weather. I love this retirement stuff.

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