Thursday, October 1, 2009

First Garden Post

This will be the first of many posts to track the escapades of Old Dave as he tip toes through the tulips to the bio intensive backyard urban garden. What you may ask is a bio intensive backyard urban garden? It is a intensive gardening method that is catching on in small city backyards or vacant areas within the cities. This method uses vertical growing techniques that require building supports for vegetables to be trained to grow up instead of letting them sprawl on the ground. The above picture is obviously not my backyard but it gives a look at what bio intensive gardening is all about. This is a picture of a Pasadena California backyard that feeds a family of 4 from about 1/3 acre. They have been at the back yard gardening for 15 years so I have a ways to go. For those of you old enough to remember it's kind of like the World War II victory garden on steroids.

The patio main picture is actually my front patio that I build last year and certainly enjoyed this year. I call it the poor man's living patio because the bricks are really not bricks but a colored concrete patio block made to look like bricks. It's way cheaper than actual bricks and doesn't look really too bad.

So off we go on the gardening adventure in Old Dave's backyard. It will be a wonderful trip with planning, digging, building, planting, watering, growing, feeding, harvesting and preserving.

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