Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Building Building Building

I've been sawing and building the day way. I had some issues along the way.

Three beds will be the limit for this year. I'll have to plan the beds and then hope to just rotate them from year to year with adjustments of course.

As you can see I've made concrete patio walk ways between the beds. I thought about just having grass then decided to use the patio blocks I've had setting around the place for some years. It just seemed like a good use for them.

I've started building the 8 foot support stucture on the middle bed. That's where the tomatoes, cucumbers, peas, and beans will go next Spring. In the right bed I want to grow potatoes because I do like and eat a lot of potatoes. In the left bed I want to put the salad stuff. As of now it will be lettuce, onions, chard, carrots, and maybe a couple peppers. At this point all this is just bouncing around in my head. I'll need to get serious about planning the beds when the holidays are over and the first seed catalog arrives. That's always a good indicator that it's time to start seriously planning the Spring time garden.

I struggled a bit with the drilling of the holes for the spikes that hold the land scaping timbers together. My old 40 year old drill just quit right in the middle of hole drilling. The cordless drill just didn't have enough grit to drill the half inch holes in the timbers. I'll either have to figure out what is the matter with the old drill or go buy a new one. I'm seriously leaning toward a new one. I think 40 yeas of service is a goodly amount for a drill. If the next one lasts that long it will become an inheritance for one of the kids.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another good day so hopefully I can get the rest done and settle down for a long winter's nap.

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