Saturday, October 3, 2009

Beginning Garden Tour

This is the beginning of the tour. It's a extremely fall looking view of the front of the house which has the backyard which has the start of the bio intensive urban garden. It's just your typical 40 year old neighborhood house with a average lot size of 50 foot wide by 100 foot deep. So let's walk around the side of the house toward the backyard.
This is the way to the backyard. Through the chain link fence gate which is typical for the 60s built house. Along the way you can see the very spent Iris that will become either compost or yard waste in the near future. It still needs a little tidying up which is for another day. Let's get through the gate and around the corner to see the site for the garden.
You can see the garden plot way off in the distance beside the bush on the left side. As you can see what's supposed to be the backyard patio has become the storeage place for the building materials for other yard projects. These materials have accumulated over the last couple years from projects for other people. I have a side yard that looks like a construction site but has just about enough materials to complete the side patio next year. I have no lack of project ideas to keep me busy for a long time. Now if I could just concintrate of my projects instead of helping with other people's projects. Oh well it's just in my nature to help others first and then if there's time do my own projects.
Finally we come to the project at hand. The mission as I have chosen to accept is to build three 4X8 foot garden beds. The one on the right has been designated a garden area for 20 some years, but has only actually grown vegetables a couple years at the first building of the bed and the last two years. The other 15 plus years it was a wild life habitat that grew many species of insects and weeds. Originally, this area was double dug and enriched with peat and compost. I can't remember what I grew there but I think I covered the area with lawn clippings. The lawn clipping fresh from the yard idea didn't work to well as it heated up, packed down, and got moldy within a couple weeks. It really needs to be composted first. This first bed orginally started with two layers of landscaping timbers and this fall I decided to add another layer so as it stands now it's three layers high. That's about 10 inches of depth from ground level. As I mow the yard the last time this year, I plan on bagging the grass leaf mixture and dumping it in the eventual three beds that will all be three layers high. I'm hoping this will give the mixture a chance to compost down over the winter. Next spring I will double dig the new beds and fluff up the old bed and give the top a good spread of more compost to retain moisture and inhibit weed growth.

The long skinny poles on the path between the beds will be used to build the support for the vertical growth on the new bed on the left. Rough plans for this area will be to plant tomatoes, pole beans, and cucumbers. These plans are all up to change.

It's been kind of yucky weather with misty rain and high winds the last couple days which prevented me from working in the garden or yard much.

That's it for today. I hope to have more completed in a couple days.

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